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Please use this link to view current planning applications for the area around Acomb Parish.

Garden House Bank new housing development, currently known as Birkey Heights, will not retain this name in the future. With Acomb Parish Council’s intervention, the new development will be known as Hicks Closec and Dobson Gardens. This has been agreed with Northumberland County Council and Avant. The names have a historical link to St John Lee –
Dobson rebuilt St John Lee and Hicks added the Spire.

Future Development Plans on Garden House Bank 15/03825/FUL

As of 27 September 2016, this planning application has been passed.

Despite powerful and succinct presentations from Norman Robson, Local Resident (on behalf of some of the objectors) and Jane Wrigley (on behalf of the Parish Council) at the Planning Committee meeting at County Hall on Tuesday, 27th September, this application was passed 8 to 1 in favour.
There was some debate around the issue of road safety, with Councillor Hutchinson suggesting that as there had not been a ‘proper traffic survey’ undertaken by NCC there should be a deferment of the decision in order to get more significant highways information. However, this was rejected on the grounds that any increased traffic numbers registered would not be significant enough to have any influence on the proposal.
There was also concern around the flooding issue but the councillors were convinced by the arguments of the council’s officer that mitigation measures to be put in place would be sufficient. Let’s hope so!
So, though a certain amount of doubt was expressed by councillors about both road safety and flooding, there was also an awareness of the fact that having had acceptance recommended by their planning officer, if permission was refused by the committee, as they were reminded by the chair in his summing up, the council would risk incurring considerable expense in the form of punitive costs at appeal. Added to which was the suggestion that in their various areas, (there are no Hexham councillors on this committee) there had been numerous unpopular developments which their constituents had had to put up with and that the residents of Acomb would have to accept the same treatment.


Further developments as of August 2016
Planning application was withdrawn from the Planning Committee in August 2016 following objections relating to road safety and flooding. Following a  site visit by NCC Planners, County Councillor, Terry Robson and 2 Acomb Parish Councillors, the application will be heard at 2pm, Tuesday 27 September at County Hall, Morpeth. Problems associated with the development of the site, in particular traffic safety issues with Garden House Bank and the potential for extra flooding risk, were raised at the site visit.
For information, several more documents have appeared on the County Council website, relating to the proposed development on Garden House Bank.
In essence, little has changed, but the developer is addressing concerns about the Conservation Area, by changing the layout and appearance of the houses within it. In so doing, they have reduced the number of 2 bedroomed houses to 2 and increased the number of three bedroomed houses to 10 (the other 28 being 4/5 bed houses). Thus, throughout the Planning Process, they have quietly increased the total number of bedrooms by 3.
They are addressing the pinchpoint/footpath at the top of GH Bank, but completely ignoring the one at the bottom (which is the most dangerous, and which will be used by most of the vehicles/pedestrians from the development). At the lower end of the development, they are putting in a footpath to loop round number 11 Garden House Drive and terminate on the road at the top of Garden House Drive.
They are also completely ignoring the potential increased flood risk on Garden House Bank.

15/03825/FUL – Erection of 40 residential dwellings at Garden House Lane Acomb Hexham Northumberland
Be alerted ! Garden House proposed development 15/03825/FUL
Since first posting information on 1 December on this site, following Acomb Parish Council meeting on 2 December, the planning application cannot progress until a Case Officer has been allocated.  This necessitates NCC Planning to extend the consultation period until 15 February. Now closed. Objections, including Acomb Parish Council’s and the
35 plan documents can be viewed.

Acomb Parish Council have planned an extraordinary meeting to enable all interested residents to attend and share their views on 27 January at 7pm at the Village Hall

Notice of meeting on 23 September at the Village Hall [ddownload id=”1137″] about future development plans for Garden House Bank.



Notice – Land North of White House, The Green, Acomb
The planning application for the demolition of one disused, corrugated steel shed and smaller garden structures, and erection of 3 dwellings (one house and 2 bungalows) with the renovation of dairy building at site entrance into an office was heard at the West Area Committee on 13 May 2015. Planning permission has been granted subject to conditions as detailed on the decision notice.




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