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Village Hall and Pavilion Survey

The Village Hall and Pavilion Survey gives residents of Acomb Parish the opportunity to say what they would like to happen to improve Acomb’s village facilities/venues.

Complete the survey online here

Why is the Survey being conducted?

Acomb Parish residents expressed their views about the Village Hall and the Pavilion in the Parish Questionnaire (Nov 2014). The main issues identified were:

  • residents want more village-based activities and feel that there are no suitable buildings
  • there is a lack of awareness about available facilities
  • there is perceived neglect and lack of maintenance of the buildings
  • there is a lack of good, modern facilities, for example, suitable storage, Wi-Fi, electric sockets, kitchen facilities.



What do you need to do?

There is opportunity to either complete the paper copy distributed with Acomb’s Community led Plan and post it in the designated ‘Post Box’  marked Village Hall and Pavilion at the Post Office by Friday 14 October or complete on line on this website.

What will happen then?

The responses will be brought together and fed back to the Parish Council to contribute to any future decisions on the pavilion and village hall. This will be based on what the majority of Acomb Parish residents have said they want to happen to improve Acomb Village facilities .

The results will be shared at Action4Acomb’s AGM on Monday 24 October at Acomb Village Hall at 7pm.

Considerations ……

  •  the pavilion is in such a ‘poor condition as to make it unsuitable for renovation’ according to a Outline Appraisal [ddownload id=”1614″]conducted in February 2015 by local resident, Jenny Gillatt, Architect, Mosedale Gillatt Architects.
  • it would be necessary to fundraise and/or apply for grant funding (Bardon Mill’s new hall, completed in 2013, cost in the region of £500,000).
  • there may be difficulties for car access into the playing fields from Main Street.
  • the potential, (should the proposed new housing development on Garden House Bank be passed), for future access to Section 106 funding, to enable new pedestrian links via the playing fields to other parts of the village.
  • the question of management and land-ownership of the current pavilion and village hall.
  • being respectful of the history of both these buildings but mindful that they are hardly being used.

There could be significant benefits from:

  •  creating a community hub for multi purpose use, perhaps locating the village hall and pavilion together on the playing field, with improved access and renewable/sustainable energy options, for all age groups within the village. As an example, a café has been suggested by several residents as a meeting place.
  • a new building could increase income generation to benefit the village.
  • Acomb Parish residents having the opportunity to influence the decision making about the future of Acomb facilities/venues.






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