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Northumberland County Council is to introduce 20 mph zones adjacent to all schools. This links to findings of the Parish Questionnaire (November 2014) where respondents identified road safety as a major concern with 54% respondents saying that the speed of traffic was the main problem throughout the village. Areas particularly highlighted were:

  • Approach to the Village (A6079)
  • Garden House Bank
  • Main Street
  • and in the vicinity of Acomb First School.

The volume of traffic – parked cars (particularly on pavements) – narrow pavements – all exacerbated the safety concerns identified above, making pedestrians feel further unsafe.

DSCN1865“Farm vehicles and cars from top of village speeding down through the village”

“…all the traffic does is come flying through the village – slow down to the speed camera and then speed away again.” 

“…dangerous for pedestrians. Large wagons thundering past.”

“…the situation is horrendous. Huge lorries a few feet from properties travelling at speed…”

In order to address this, there is a proposal to make Acomb a 20mph zone. This measure has been proposed by County Councillor for Hexham Central with Acomb, Terry Robson, supported by Acomb Parish Council .

This proposal is on the back of an on-going safety initiative by Northumberland County Council to introduce 20 mph zones adjacent to all schools within Northumberland over the next 5 years. Acomb is in this current year’s programme with the introduction of a 20mph zone adjacent to Acomb First School, planned for implementation in April 2016.

Some of the Myths that are stated:

  • No 20mph limits on A or B roads – UNTRUE
  • No 20mph limit if current average speed is over 24 mph – UNTRUE
  • No 20mph if local police are unsupportive – UNTRUE
  • or 20mph limits are not enforceable – UNTRUE
  • There haven’t been enough casualties on this road – UNTRUE


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