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Action4Acomb (A4A) is a community led organisation constituted to help realise the aspirations of people living and working in Acomb, Northumberland.  Anyone living and/or working within the Parish is part of A4A.  A constituted committee has been elected to support the activities and projects of A4A.
Who is on the committee?

This website has been developed to improve communication within Acomb Parish. Lots of residents have said that communication is not good and they don’t know what is going on.  Tell us what you want to see and hear about.  If you have an event, let us know and we will post it on the site.

A4A was formed due to an Acomb Parish Council public meeting held on 4 April 2012.  Here are the pages of the leaflet published after the April 2012 meeting and distributed to all households within Acomb Parish.


A small steering group was formed and became involved at an early stage in some of the issues originally raised both at the Acomb Parish Council public meeting in 2012 but also through early engagement and consultation with established groups.


It soon became apparent that there were urgent priorities, as identified by the community, such as developing a Flood Plan. With other areas, such as the Approach to the Village, it was felt there was the ability and desire to take early action.

It was agreed that A4A would became a constituted community group in October 2013 at a public meeting [ddownload id=”1850″]

This image shows residents at our AGM

Following the A4A AGM  – (see Chair’s Report [ddownload id=”1687″] ) in October 2017, the constitution [ddownload id=”1684″] was revised and agreed. The following were elected as A4A Committee Members:

  • Michael McElroy, Chair
  • Lorna Farr,
    Secretary Email:
    Tel: 01434 609567
  • Rachel Gagliano, Treasurer
  • Julie Foster
  • John Cook

If you would like to join the committee, contact to ask more or come along as an observer to one of the A4A Committee meetings, by contacting the Committee Secretary.

questionnaire to all Acomb Parish households was distributed in November 2014 with volunteers collecting from each household to encourage a high rate of return (56%). The analysis of the information is completed and the results [ddownload id=”1045″] were shared at the Parish Council Annual Public meeting  (3 June 2015)and at several venues throughout the village.

Acomb's Community Led 5 Year Plan - 2015 to 2020

The Community Led Plan has been distributed to all household in Acomb Parish ( early October 2016). The original questionnaire can be viewed here [ddownload id=”237″].

The data from the analysis of the questionnaire  can be viewed here.

You can download and read the Plan from this link.


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